Private Directors Association and Apollo have teamed up to provide PDA corporate members with one annual boardroom consultation and education session on ransomware preparedness and cybersecurity.

PDA Corporate Members are entitled to one annual in-boardroom consultation and education session, valued at $10,000.

Cyberthreats are everywhere, but as corporate members of the PDA you don’t have to face them alone. Apollo Information Systems offers best-in-industry enterprise cybersecurity services as part of your PDA corporate membership benefits.

Option 1: Ransomware Preparedness

  • Ransomware Preparedness Consultation: Half-day consultation with Apollo CISO Andy Bennett to examine your people, process, technologies, and ability to resist and recover from a ransomware attack. You will receive a consultation, analysis, report, and presentation of findings and recommendations.
  • Technology Proof of Concepts: Based on the Ransomware Preparedness Consultation, corporate members will receive two Proofs of Concepts of relevant protection and mitigation technologies to identify gaps in your fundamentals so you can build resilience against and minimize ransomware.
  • Security Awareness Training: Corporate members will have access to Apollo’s Security Awareness courseware that meets most annual compliance training requirements and is designed to educate your workforce on ransomware attacks

Option 2: 90 Minute Cyber Review

Meet with Apollo CISOs world-class experts with experience across all industries aligning security with business. For you and your board of directors on understanding the cyber security risks targeting your industry and organization and the actions you can take to fulfill your obligations to protect your company, stakeholders, and assets.

Choose a Topic: 

  • Threat briefing on the current cybersecurity risks targeting your specific industry
  • The changing world of board liability for cybersecurity risks, and what to do about it
  • Understanding your company’s risk in business terms
  • The myths of security and why many cybersecurity programs fail to protect against a breach 
  • How to take control of your company’s cybersecurity with confidence that your investment is actually effective

CISO on Call Included!

The CISO on Call is an included benefit for PDA Corporate Members and for board members that want a CISO hotline. 

Not every organization can employ a world-class Chief Information Security Officer (CISO). With CISO On Call, you have access to a leader with 20+ years of experience leading Fortune 500 and Government security.

Boards are faced with increasingly complex business decisions where cybersecurity is a risk. Having a Cybersecurity Expert on speed dial gives you access to sophisticated advice and expertise when it’s needed most.

No Cost Call with an Apollo CISO

  • One business day response time, or faster if it's an emergency security incident. 
  • Real world security advice--business focused 
  • Protect your company, employees, customers and partners from cybercrime
  • Advice on any security situation
  • Across any business vertical

For more information, please call 847-986-9350 or email.